Logo – Brand Guidelines

Logo – Brand Guidelines

PS Logo

Our corporate logo is an important part of our brand. It represents our identity and is a valuable piece of intellectual property.
Letting other companies use our logo can give the impression that we favor or endorse them. In some situations, it can even mean we have legal liability.
To request use of our logo, use the request tool. The process is easier if you contact Pivotal Synergy®  first.
Email: info@PivotalSynergy.org to request permission for our Partnership Logo.

Partner Program Logos
This section provides an overview of the logos available for use with our various partner programs. If you are a partner company looking for guidelines specific to your use of these logos, please contact us for your partner or program agreement. info@PivotalSynergy.org

As a general rule, third parties may not use the Pivotal Synergy® logo (“logo”). On this page are the limited circumstances under which third parties may use the Pivotal Synergy logo. The logo must always be used pursuant to the specifications on this page to identify Pivotal Synergy Corporation, or Pivotal Synergy products or services. Any use that falls outside of these specifications is strictly prohibited.
Email: info@PivotalSynergy.org to request permission for our Partnership Logo.

Third parties may only use the logo without a license only under the following limited circumstances:

  • In advertising, marketing collateral, or a website that references your connection with Pivotal Synergy (e.g., the material states that you are an authorized affiliate of Pivotal Synergy products) provided that the area in which the Pivotal Synergy logo is used includes the corporate logo of at least 1 other company with which you have a similar relationship.
  • In an area of a website, advertising, or marketing collateral exclusively dedicated to the sale of Pivotal Synergy products and services, and in such a manner that associates licensed Pivotal Synergy.

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Do not use the Pivotal Synergy corporate logo in products, product packaging or other business services for which a formal license is required.